Thursday, July 14, 2016

07/11_07/15 - Work Update

For the July 12th we attended to the InterSolar North America Conference 2016 in San Francisco where we had the opportunity to present the ideas of our project for guests from different countries and companies. Besides that we had the opportunity to get some knowledge from people that are already on the market of solar panels and apply them to our project.

During the expo I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Mario Nerenberg, the director responsible for the Supply Chain and Operations area at "Hard Metal Building Construction Industry", who gave me a lot of tips about organization and explained me how his work is important for the solar panels industry.

I also met Dr. Jing Wang who is a specialist on micro inverters and was bringing his work from Japan to show at the InterSolar Expo. He seemed really interested on the Spartan Superway idea and what we have been doing through those years and ensured me that this kind of technology is going to dominate the renewable energy soon.

Above you can see some informations about those people.

Dr. Mario Nerenberg
HARD Metal Building Construction Industry
Director - Supply Chain and Operations
+55 (47) 4009-7238 / +55 (47) 9657-1365

Dr. Jing Wang
NEP Northern Electric
San Jose - CA
(888) 598-9901

InterSolar Expo North America 2016

For the following days I worked with Rafael at the design and development of the Risk Map where we are able to show to all workers what kind of risks they are facing and what security procedures we should go through during work time.

Risk Map

I also finished the final details of the Peg Board with Djonatan like labels for all the tools that are on the board with their names and sizes to make it easier to someone find what they need.

07/04_07/09 - Work Update

For this week I kept working on the manufacturing of the Peg Board in order to facilitate the organization of the tools inside the facility and make tasks to become easier and faster.

I also helped my workmates on the development of the poster that we are going to present at the InterSolar Expo North America 2016 as well as the presentation that Gabriel would show to our guests to explain our work and let them know what we have been doing during this summer.

Friday, July 1, 2016

06/27_07/01 - Work Update

For this week me and my ISE teammates continued to work on the organization of the facility and for that we came up with an idea for a Peg Board where we could organize the tools and make it easier to find whatever we need faster and easier.

I spent most of the week designing and building this board so we could organize the tools on it as fast as possible and make things look more organized on the facility.

I also worked with ISE guys to organize and label all the power tools inside the cabinet so they could be found easier and faster by whoever needs them.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Vacations in VEGAS!

  For the week of June 13th we got some days to rest and explore some places around the country. So me and some friends planed a trip to Vegas to enjoy the city and its memorable parties, clubs and casinos. It was a great time since we could attend to famous artists concerts at the best clubs in the city while enjoying a hot weather during this summer. We also knew some people from Brazil that were on their vacations as well and we decided to create a group where we could always go out and party together, since brazilians always get along well.
        I only have good memories from this time with great people in a great environment where everything happen to make you feel happy. Vegas is already one of my favorite places in the world and I hope I can go back there someday with my friends and have a good time again.

05/27_06/20 - Work Update

     The first impression I had when I got to to the shop where the project is being developed was the mess around the place. A lot of tools were left in different places and basic security steps were not being followed by workers.
     So what we basically did was to take all the tools we have found around the shop and create an inventory so we could have a better control of what we have and what we need. We also separated them by type and size and organized them in the drawers with labels so people that are working with them could find what they need easily and faster.

     I also worked with Helena on what would be a possible design for the app that users of Spartan Superway service would have access when it's ready to work. We tried to created an easy design where anyone can request the service in less than 5 minutes without having any trouble. We also created a design for the ticket station where people can select what kind of ticket they would buy at the time they arrive at the station.

What do I like to do in my free time?

       It's impossible to think about what I like to do and don't think about outdoor activities and traveling. I'm a super active person that is always down to do whatever when it comes to sports or adventures.
       Before starting to work on Spartan Superway project I had the pleasure to go on a road trip with some friends around California driving through all the coast from San Diego to San Francisco. During that time I could know many different amazing beaches and surf really good waves (I was missing surfing so much!).
        I'm so glad that I can find here in California such beautiful places to go and have fun! I'm looking forward to have the opportunity to explore this amazing state and what it has the best during my time here and also surf even more good waves around the coast!


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hello San Jose!

Hi, my name is Joao Henrique Affonso Nobrega and I'm a brazilian student on an exchange program for 1 year here at US. I started to study at Florida State University and actually I'm on my 9th month here in the country, and as part of the program I'm going to start working on the Spartan Superway project as an Academic Summer Training. I'm really excited to start my job with my coworkers and explore what California has the best!