Thursday, July 14, 2016

07/11_07/15 - Work Update

For the July 12th we attended to the InterSolar North America Conference 2016 in San Francisco where we had the opportunity to present the ideas of our project for guests from different countries and companies. Besides that we had the opportunity to get some knowledge from people that are already on the market of solar panels and apply them to our project.

During the expo I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Mario Nerenberg, the director responsible for the Supply Chain and Operations area at "Hard Metal Building Construction Industry", who gave me a lot of tips about organization and explained me how his work is important for the solar panels industry.

I also met Dr. Jing Wang who is a specialist on micro inverters and was bringing his work from Japan to show at the InterSolar Expo. He seemed really interested on the Spartan Superway idea and what we have been doing through those years and ensured me that this kind of technology is going to dominate the renewable energy soon.

Above you can see some informations about those people.

Dr. Mario Nerenberg
HARD Metal Building Construction Industry
Director - Supply Chain and Operations
+55 (47) 4009-7238 / +55 (47) 9657-1365

Dr. Jing Wang
NEP Northern Electric
San Jose - CA
(888) 598-9901

InterSolar Expo North America 2016

For the following days I worked with Rafael at the design and development of the Risk Map where we are able to show to all workers what kind of risks they are facing and what security procedures we should go through during work time.

Risk Map

I also finished the final details of the Peg Board with Djonatan like labels for all the tools that are on the board with their names and sizes to make it easier to someone find what they need.

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